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 Chapel Packages               
              Congratulations on your upcoming Marriage !!

For Smaller more intimate weddings rent our Beautiful Wedding Chapel for your special day.
No need to travel out of state any longer !!

“Today’s The Day” Package

Quick Signature Ceremony, Eloping, Fast Get Away

Bride and Groom . 
Add up to 6 more guests at $15. each

Officiant as available, or bring your own

You will need 2 witnesses, we can provide with notice

 20 minutes to 1/2 Hour in Decorated Chapel

$99  Mon, Wed, Thurs 

$150. Fridays... $200 Saturdays

Just Married Digital Photo
Full Payment due before ceremony begins

If having guests a $100 refundable Cash security depost due before ceremony

Reservation not required but call for availability first 435-628-9223

There's No dressing rooms


Monday, Wed, Thurs, Friday -  11am 12 pm 1pm 2pm 

Saturday - 11am 12pm 1pm . Please call ahead


“Going to the Chapel” Package

Civil or Religious Ceremony or
Vow Renewal, Rings exchanged

Bride and Groom with 9 to 23 guests max

Wedding Music

Just Married Digital Picture

1 Hour in Decorated Chapel

Bring your own Officiant , Bishop, Pastor etc

$250 Mon,Wed, Thurs 

$300 Fridays... $350 Saturdays

$100 non refundable deposit required to reserve


$150 cash refundable security deposit required 

Full payment due 3 days prior to ceremony and complete contract and paperwork.

All children count as a guest (Infants in carriers do not count as a guest) 

No Strollers allowed.


There's No dressing rooms


Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri -  4 pm or  6 pm

Saturday -  3 pm,  or 6 pm

Tuesdays by special appointment
other times may be available


“I Thee Wed” Package

Traditional or Religious Ceremony
or Vow renewal

Bride and Groom with 26 to 48 guests max

Vows and Rings Exchanged
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Flower Girl etc.

2 hours in decorated Chapel

Bring you own Officiant , Bishop, Pastor etc

Wedding music

Just Married Digital Picture

$300 Monday - Thursday

$350 Fridays... $400 Saturdays

$100 non refundable deposit required to reserve 


$200 cash refundable security deposit required 

Full payment due 3 days prior to ceremony and complete contract and paperwork.

All children count as a guest (Infants in carriers do not count as a guest)

 No Strollers allowed.


There's No dressing rooms


Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri -  4 pm or  6 pm

Saturday - 3 pm,  or 6 pm

Tuesdays by special appointment
Other times may be available


~ OUR Wedding Chapel includes..
~ Cushioned Chairs 
~ Lighted Arch
~ Traditional Music
~ Flower Decor
~ Waiting Room for the Bride 

Add On Options:

Rings available $49 to $89 

Fresh 1 doz Rose or Carnation bouquets and boutonnieres 
with 2 weeks notice.. $79 and up

Silk Bouquet rentals available $15

Veil rentals $20 .. Purchase Silk Flower rings $5 to $35.

1 Long table available for cake and punch etc.

Simple wedding dresses start at $200.
Tux rentals by Mr Tux call 435-656-4616


 Please Bring your Marriage license

You Must have a valid wedding license to get legally married

Click here to download application for Washington county

Fill out and take to clerks office. 
197 East Tabernacle St. George, Utah 84770 (435) 634-5712
Office hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
(4:30 is the latest time that we will process a marriage license)

 Also Bring... Rings, Officiant, Pastor, Bishop etc

Cameras/Video - Optional  
Photographers will be considered guests unless they are licensed..
No risers, step ladders or other allowed

Please come fully dressed as there are no dressing rooms

Please come as a group as there is no waiting area .

Children of the bride & groom are always welcome

Children under 7 years old must have adult supervision at all times. 
No running around allowed 

All children count as a guest (Infants in carriers do not count as a guests - 
No strollers allowed)


Reservations can be made in person or online by calling us at 435-628-9223 or by emailing us at
Please check for availability of your desired date.
You can reserve the wedding chapel before you purchase your marriage license.  

 All payments  are final and non refundable except for security deposits
Payment options,

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Initial Payment ~ Must be paid to reserve desired wedding date 

 Any final amount due ~ Must be paid 3 days prior to wedding date.

 Including $100 Refundable Cash Security Deposit ~ 

No Food or Drink allowed in Chapel by guests.

No Flower petals allowed, due to slipping liability

No moving of or additional decor is allowed 

You will be charged an additional $25 per person for 
over the limit guests.
All payments must be paid prior to Ceremony.


Total legal occupancy is 50 people max, no more

Vow Renewals also available

All Ceremony Payments are Final. No refunds
Cancellations of Ceremony will lose Deposit.
Any spills or damage forfiets security deposit
all additional damage charges due before leaving

Carpet Cleaning $150
Children or adults standing on Chairs $50 damage fee
Intoxicated persons will be asked to leave.
You will be charged for Late guests coming after Ceremony $15 ea.

Contact us for more info or other options at