color swatches
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color swatches

Style Number: color swatches

Decide on your color theme first. Blues, reds, pinks etc.
and then order a few colors in that theme. Supplier limits us to 6.

Please say what dress(s) you are looking at or what collection
so we know what fabric and supplier to pull from.

For one swatch click "add to cart"
for more then one swatch click appropriate quantity box (limit of 6)
then click "add to cart"
then add the color name and fabric type
in the comments section at end of order.
Complete order form and submit.

Not all charts are shown here.
Use the color chart from the dress page you are looking at.
Some colors may not be available.
Swatches are $2 each and 1x2 inches for most.

We cannot send more then (6) total
so choose your favorites only.

Our Price: $2.00

Color Swatch Quantities

Zipper Gown Bag

 Availability: Available to Order

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